Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for the IPTN Journal


The IPTN Journal exists to disseminate information and knowledge about Playback Theatre to IPTN members and anyone who may be interested in learning more about Playback Theatre.  The IPTN Journal will seek to encourage and develop an interest in Playback Theatre by effectively being a unifying one-stop ‘shop window’ for the world. 


Please note that Journal is now published on an on-going basis with an annual PDF available for printing by individuals. There is no longer a deadline or a print option.


As Playback Theatre is world-wide in its application, the IPTN Journal will seek to reflect that by seeking to publish in as many languages as it is practiced in and recruit Regional Editors to support that task and translators to support them.


Articles are selected on the criteria of a good understanding and appropriate application of Playback Theatre in keeping with the spirit of Playback Theatre which can be summarised as the promotion of dialogue and mutual understanding.  Critical reflection is encouraged.  As a general guideline, articles can be from 500 to 5000 words long.  If you plan to write a longer article, please get in touch first.  Please capitalise Playback Theatre at all times.  


Articles that are theoretical or critical should be written within the competence of the author, should be the sole view of the author and not purport to represent Playback Theatre.  There is a disclaimer on the IPTN site to this effect.


In writing, the language used should be respectful, inclusive and not couched in pejorative or discriminatory terms or using generalisations to describe the other. As the IPTN Journal is available to the general public, the attitude of the author should be as if a reader is attending a Playback Theatre performance for the first time and would feel included and encouraged by what they read.  It’s possible to be critical without being disparaging or alienating the other.


If you wish to write in a language other than English, there may be a Regional Editor in your language. Please write to me to check. You can use Google translate if you aren’t confident writing in English. Translated articles can be submitted but may be subject to additional editing in the interests of clarity.   The email address is Please send articles as an attachment in a Word format and add brief details about yourself in relation to Playback Theatre


Thank you


Brian Tasker

Editor – The IPTN Journal