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There are four categories of Membership:


  • Group member A Playback Theatre company engaged in performances, or in the process of developing skills to perform.
  • Practitioner member An individual engaged in teaching, performing or using the Playback Theatre method with substantial training and experience, approved by your regional representative and subject to a reference from one other practitioner who knows you. By training we mean having completed a CPT recognised Level 3 programme which is sometimes called Advanced Skills, Advanced Practitioner or the Practitioner course. This isn’t set in stone and you may have acquired substantial experience another way. Please contact your Regional Representative for guidance.  You can identify your regional representative on the ‘About Us’ page.
  • Regular member Any person interested in supporting Playback Theatre.
  • School member group membership for Playback Theatre schools.


Group/School and Practitioner members can use the name and logo of the International Playback Theatre Network. They will also be listed in the IPTN website and have use of the IPTN event calendar with the opportunity to provide information about their work, including links to their own web pages.


If you are joining in the USA or Canada, please contact the Regional Representatives Ann Kinnebrew and Christopher Ellinger, for information about the joint membership in both the International Playback Theatre Network and in Playback North America.


All members are listed in the Member Directory, which is published online.

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