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Dulambuhay Philippine Playback Theatre

Membership Type
Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and South Korea
Accommodation Offering
I can help to find accommodation in my town.
Contanct Name
Fhabi Fajardo
+63 (02) 806 4036
Dulambuhay is both a 'theatre of life' (dula ng buhay) and a live theatre (dula na buhay) in the literal sense in that our group performs real- life stories from real people through Playback theatre.
Founded by Fhabi in 2016, Dulambuhay absorbed the members of Manila Playback Theater when the group was dissolved in the same year. Manila Playback was co-founded by Fhabi Fajardo and Edward Dantis in 2003 and has served grassroots communities all over the Philippines, including disaster-affected areas like Tacloban.
Our group serves marginalized sectors in society and engages corporate leadership and power holders.
Currently, Dulambuhay has seven (7) regular members and four (4) associate members.
Dulambuhay Teens is a sub-group that is composed of high school students.