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Playback Theatre “Here and Now”

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Eastern Europe
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I can offer simple accommodation for 1 night.
Contanct Name
Tzveta Baliyska
Kv. Iztok, street Nezabravka 42A
Sofia, Bulgaria
"Here and Now" is established 2013 by Tzveta Baliyska in Sofia, Bulgaria. Tzveta has been to many international trainings and events and has her "Training the Trainer" and "Supervision for APTT" with Jonathan Fox, wich made her the only bulgarian, who has been trained by the founder!
"Here and Now" is the only active PT company and has more than 170 performances in diffrent cities, venues and audiences.
The company spreads PT all over Bulgaria. Tzveta and collegues leads basic and advanced trainings. The company participtes in many international projects and is the first Bulgarian company who performed abroad- at EPTG 2017 in Hungary, Budapest.
Tzveta attended Leadership course July 2018 with Aviva Apel- Rosenthal.
Playback Theatre "Here and Now" will be the ogra team of the next European Playback Theatre Gathering 2020 in Sofia during May! Welcome!