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Antonio Vicente

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I can offer simple accommodation for 1 night.
Co-founder of the first PT company in Portugal – Teatro Imediato. In May 2017 our company celebrated the 10th anniversary. Since then, I have been working in PT mostly as an actor and trainer assistant, co-facilitating workshops in Portugal and Spain.

In 2015, in Serbia, I attended the Advanced Skills course, taught by Jo Salas. In 2017, in Brazil, I completed the Leadership course, taught by Jonathan Fox and Hannah Fox.

I wrote the article ‘Playback Theatre as a tool for social transformation in the Portuguese penitentiary context’, in the digital publication ‘Teatros De Transformación’, coordinated by Ana Maria Fernandez, Naque, 2015 – see

I took a MA in Theatre Studies (Community Theatre) from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Theatre and Film Academy), Amadora. The MA final project was about our playback theatre company and the homeless population, with whom and for whom we performed.

In 2017, I have just joined the IPTN Board and I am looking forward to do my best for this awesome community.