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Michele CHUNG

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Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and South Korea
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I can offer simple accommodation for 1 night.
Michele started doing Playback Theatre in 1999. Being trained by Deborah Pearson at first, Michele then pursued her Playback career through the path of School Playback Theatre and graduated in 2004. She is renowned for her sensitivity and ability to include all kinds of people when conducting. An experienced trainer in Playback Theatre, Michele is a faculty of the School of Playback Theatre (Hong Kong) and specialises in working with people with different abilities. She helped set up the world’s first Playback Theatre group of people with intellectual differences and was the main brain behind the award winning ‘Playback for ALL’ event in which arts accessibility services are incorporated into the form of Playback Theatre to make it accessible for ALL. Michele has presented in various international and regional conferences and brought Playback Theatre to Philippines. Other countries that Michele has been invited to teach are: Japan, Taiwan, USA, UK, Brazil, Portugal, etc.

She joined the IPTN Board in October 2013. Her first task is to revamp the IPTN website.