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Greetings from the new editor of the IPTN Journal

Brian Tasker

I’m writing  to say that I have taken over editing the IPTN Journal from Simon Floodgate to whom a deep bow of gratitude is due for his work. Simon had to stand down due to pressure of other work. Following on from Simon, the project that I’ll be working on is to create a multi-lingual journal with regional editors seeking submissions in their own language with selected articles being translated into English or into local languages from English.  Translation will usually be a separate task from editor.   I have been a contributor to the Journal for more than a decade and value the importance of the written word to increase and enhance our understanding of our Playback Theatre practice. 

Every region will need a regional editor and multiple editors will be needed when multiple languages are spoken within a region. This also applies in countries where English is spoken outside of the UK; the point being to create a collective record of global Playback Theatre activity, reports, reflections on practice and theoretical approaches. There will be an annual collected PDF at the end of each year so a print copy will no longer be viable but we are planning to make it home -printable by region / language. 

Please circulate this news around your regions / contacts and support me in recruiting regional editors and translators. We already have Nurit Shoshan in Israel, Rasia Friedler in Latin America with Cristina Frodden as translator (plus one other) and José Marques in Portugal. IPTN Board member Hiroko Cassidy will act as Japanese translator. This is a big task and will take some time to recruit editors and translators so let’s be patient with the process. Please see the editorial policy (feedback welcome). Let's also make this is a joint project to enrich our Playback Theatre practice and our worldwide community by increasing the voices and expression through the written word in the language you are at home in.

This will enliven the IPTN website with regular updates, create an ongoing archive of worldwide PT practice and theory and remove the focus on English being the main language of the Journal. The Journal will become truly international reflecting more strongly the worldwide practice of Playback Theatre. I’m honoured to be entrusted with this task; it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for sometime and I’m keen to get on with it.
Thanks in advance for your support. I look forward to your comments and feedback as we go along. The email address is iptnjournal@gmail.com 

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Brian Tasker
IPTN Board Member for the Journal
For more about me visit: www.makeshifttheatre.co.uk