Board Members

Ann Kinnebrew

United States
I’m Ann Kinnebrew from Gainesville, Florida US. Since my first experience with Playback Theatre, I knew we were destined to be together forever. My work in theatre has spanned most of my life but Playback brings a synergy to my personal and professional passions that center on Theatre for Social Justice and Change. I started Igniting Stories Playback Theatre just a year ago with the sole purpose of introducing this active and vibrant art form to a town already teaming with social action groups. In my trainings with CPT and through my connections with other Playback practitioners, I have come to understand that there are “pockets” around this country where Playback is quite prevalent but there are many places that have never been introduced to Playback Theatre; places that need harmony and healing. My hope is that I can help raise awareness of Playback, support the growth of new troupes and strengthen network ties through membership and support of connections between IPTN and Playback North America.