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Smaroula Pandelis

Smaroula Pandelis (PhD)
I was born in 1959 in Greece and I live and work in Athens. Born in the country that created theatre, I have loved it since I was a child. My studies started in the field of psychology and I have a postgraduate degree in Medical Psychology and a PhD in Psychology from Surrey University (UK). I have had a long and rich training in psychodrama and sociodrama, which I practice along with my playback activity. I was probably the first person who introduced playback theatre to the Greek audience in 1991 with Christina Hagelthorn from Sweden. I was trained as a playback actor and conductor by Zankai Andras and Bakho Tihamir from Hungary. In 2009 I founded my playback group “Playback Nuevo”. I am connected to most of the playback people in my country and I have connections with several colleagues from abroad. I am very much interested in working with other colleagues internationally in order to promote playback theatre and mostly I believe in playback’s magic and I see it as a vehicle for bringing people together and serving as a tool for communication and peace. I am also a writer and I have published several books in Greece, children stories and self - help psychology books.