Call for Treasurer to join IPTN Board - Deadline June 30th, 2014.

11 May 2014

The International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) provides an independent inclusive global platform that strengthens Playback Theatre practice through connection and mutual influence.

The IPTN board is responsible for membership services, website, newsletter (Interplay), selecting and supporting organising groups for international conferences etc. The board has offices including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Conference Liaison, Interplay Liaison. We also have temporary committees for projects or other special purposes. Board members sign up to serve for an initial four year term with an optional second term, of four additional years. The board meets face-to-face every two years and online six times a year. Board membership is a volunteer position.

We are seeking one Playback practitioner to serve as a board member in role of Treasurer. Our current Treasurer, Mountaine Mort Jonas, will finish his second term in July 2015. To organize a good hand over of responsibilities we would like to invite a new person to join in 2014. Please find enclosed a description about the Treasurer’s responsibilities.

A board member needs to be an IPTN Practitioner Member. They are required to be in contact and communicate with the IPTN community in their own area and nearby regions, promote IPTN, support Playback practitioners, companies and others who express interest in Playback Theatre.

If you want to ask more about the board, please contact our President Juergen Schoo, iptn@gmx.de for more information about the Treasurer’s role please contact Mountaine Mort Jonas, mountaine@gmail.com. For more information about the IPTN, please look at the IPTN website: www.playbacknet.org

If you are interested in applying to join the board as our new Treasurer, please forward an Expression of Interest telling us about yourself and answering the following questions (max two pages). Forward your Expression of Interest by email to iptn@gmx.de by June 30th, 2014.



  • How Playback Theatre belongs to your life
  • What kind of connections you have to the Playback Theatre community in your country, region or internationally
  • How your English and IT communication skills are
  • What kind of other valuable competences or experiences you have
  • How you see IPTN and its role in the international Playback Theatre community
  • What your goals on the IPTN board would be
  • Your capacity to travel to IPTN board meetings including the face to face meeting that will be scheduled to coincide with the IPTN conference in 2015 in Montreal, Canada.

Please attach two recommendation letters from established Playback Theatre practitioners. The board will make decisions based on your Expression of Interest and letters of recommendation. We will respond by the middle of August 2014.
The board maintains the right to nominate new board members by personal call (experience, special competence, region representation).


On behalf of the IPTN Board,
Juergen Schoo, President