Exchange Hub Report@Asian Pacific Playback Theatre Conference 2015

15 Dec 2015

Exchange Hub Report (APPTC 2015)


Date: 27 Nov, 2015 (Friday)

Time: 1700-1800

Place: Li Po Chun United World College (Hong Kong)

Facilitator: Michele Chung

No. of Participants: 35


The group came together and warmed up with a non-verbal movement circle. Then we briefly introduce each other and broke into smal groups of 6-7 to share among ourselves questions that we also have while doing Playback. More experienced Playgbackers shared their thoughts and suggested relevant exercises or practice. Participants agreed that it was a great opportunity to sit down and meet with someone and exchanged among ourselves.


Questions posed during the hub:

1. How do we motivate students or participants who do not join a workshop voluntarily? (This happens a lot in schools or institutions settings.)


2. How do we balance between getting into the role to honour the teller but also being able to derole afterwards? (Especially for stories that particularly touch our own.)


3. How do Playback trainers find their style and incorporate Playback values in their lives?


What are some of your thoughts on these questions? Are there any more questions that you are interested in asking? Comment on this article and let the exchange continue!