Shall We Continue Our Dance... Online?
Dear Members,
It's been a month since we have met, shared and worked in Montreal for a real life face-to-face exchange. I looked at the picture below and remembered the spontaneous moment of connection which was one of my fondest memories during the conference.
As we get back to our busy regular lives, the connection we have built needs to be cultivated by other means. I am sure some of you have already added facebook, exchanged emails or even Skyped a little. But in IPTN, we aim to support that mutual influence through connection a step further.
That's why we are glad to let you know, with the help of Bev Hosking and Kris Plowman, we shall be launching an online conversation hub for us to exchange. You will read about this below so I won't go into details. We are all excited about this new energy in the Board and really wish that we can serve you better by providing more different means of connection in building this inclusive platform for everyone to exchange in a non-hierachical way.
Do let us know what else you think would be a good idea and we will investigate the possiblity of it. Stay tuned as we announce more ideas soon in the development of the network. And one friendly reminder, please renew your membership if you still haven't done so. The procedure is simple and if you really have no clue, simply email, I will be happy to help you get it done so that you don't have to miss all the great happenings in our online community at
I look forward to connect with you in the conversation hub and your reflections on the Montreal Conference in the next IPTN Journal.
President, IPTN
IPTN Vision
The IPTN provides an independent, inclusive and global platform that strengthens Playback Theatre Practice through connection and mutual influence.
A conversation hub
Building on the vision of the IPTN, we want to strengthen our community of practice by encouraging an exchange of experience and thinking about our playback theatre work. We are keen that we can continue to learn from each other through a process of telling, listening and responding.

We want to introduce the idea of an online conversation hub. Several times a year we are going to propose a subject area that we can explore together. We are not looking to find definitive answers to a question, or to find a solution to a problem, rather, the intention is to engage with each other and to listen to different ideas so that we can extend our understanding of this work that we are all involved with. In this way we may be stimulated to find some new pathways forward in our own practice.
The first hub begins Tuesday 1 September and will finish and finish Monday 14 September.

We look forward to getting together with you and learning from each other.
Bev Hosking and Kris Plowman will co-ordinate these conversation hubs.
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Call for Submissions to IPTN Journal

Deadilne: 20th NOVEMBER, 2015
This is not a themed edition but reflections upon the IPTN Conference in Montreal, July 2015 are encouraged. For submission guidelines and expressions of interest:
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