We are in Montreal!
(Here are us having our lunch break! From left: Kerry Williams from Australia, Michele Chung from Hong Kong, Mountaine Jonas from USA, Brian Tasker from UK, Nurit Shoshan from Israel, Jori Pitkanen from Finland and Eddie Yu from Hong Kong. And of course, Juergen Schoo who was taking the picture and Amanda Brown who couldn't make it to Montreal!)
Dear IPTN Members,
After so much preparations and hard work of our Montreal friends, we are ready to start our IPTN Conference tonight!
The Board members have been meeting all day yesterday working on details about how we as a global network can exchange better - while we are all here and to continue the conversation after we return home. We have also had our election and a new Board will be greeting everyone tonight at the opening. Stay tune for the news on our site and facebook.
If you are here at the conference, remember to catch a Board member and talk to us about your thoughts in how IPTN can serve the community better. If you cannot make it to the conference, keep your eyes on our facebook for updates in the conference and contact us to let us know how we can make the network stronger worldwide.
With love,
IPTN Board
8 July, 2015 (Opening Day of IPTN Conference 2015)
P.S. If you know of someone who would love to host the next conference, contact us!
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Welcome to the IPTN Journal, the new title for Interplay.  The Journal is the place to share ideas, reflections and events occurring in the Playback Theatre world.  We publish at a significant moment in time.  This edition of the Journal coincides with several significant events in the Playback world:
2015 is the Fortieth Anniversary of Playback Theatre
2015 sees the IPTN International Conference in Montreal
The IPTN has rebranded and launched a new website
Interplay becomes the IPTN Journal
…and there is a new editor…me!  ...
The IPTN Journal (formerly Interplay) remains a place for sharing Playback values and events.  It is also a site of respectful dialogue and debate.  As we celebrate forty years of Playback Theatre and continue to promote its dissemination throughout the world, it is inevitable that questions of values, ethics and methods come into play.  The IPTN Journal is one tool that the global community can use to question, challenge and debate these matters in a respectful manner. 
       Simon Floodgate, July 2015
International Playback Theatre Network
Website: http://www.iptn.info/
Email: info@iptn.info